Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

By Marissia Potamianos and Ellie Wheeler

Staff Writers


It’s winter but students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School are still devouring cold, yummy treats. Its silly to think that frozen desserts are enjoyed during some of the coldest months of the year but that’s just how Central New Yorkers do. Frozen yogurt and ice cream seem to be two of the most popular treats among students at J-DHS.

The more healthy option, frozen yogurt, has recently become a popular choice all around the Syracuse area. Shops have been popping up all around showcasing their unique flavors, toppings, and themes. Junior Josh Frank enjoys consuming the frozen treat with “the boys” and says that the whole reason he picks fro-yo over ice cream is because it is the healthier choice. Freshmen Lucas Binder and Emilie Harley like frozen yogurt more because it’s “yummy.”

This “yummy” treat comes in many peculiar flavors that are nowhere near normal. Frank likes raspberry with the Lucky Charms marshmallows. Binder likes being risky and trying every flavor he can lay his eyes on. Some of the flavors that he has tasted are chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry, coffee, and caramel. He tops all of his creations off with brownie bites. Harley goes for the safer route and eats chocolate with gummy bears on top. Frozen yogurt doesn’t fall from the sky, there are many places scattered at every corner making it easy for students to purchase their “yummy” frozen treats.

YogurtLand and Yogen Früz are two places that have been around for quite awhile and have earned five stars in students eyes. Harley and Binder prefer Yogurtland because they have a large assortment of flavors and toppings. This assortment makes it possible for crazy combos that can tickle your tastebuds. Several disagree and say that Yogen Früz is the better choice because they have better and more unique flavors that satisfy your tummy.

Ice cream isn’t a fading fad like silly bandz, it has been around since 400 B.C. Sophomore Jordan VanStry likes ice cream more than frozen yogurt because it’s “creamier and tastes better.” Counseling Center secretary Renee Palladino agrees with VanStry and says ice cream is better because she grew up on it. This oldie but goodie has been around for a long time and new flavors keep popping up making it more interesting to its consumers.

Freshman Julia Kelner likes more of the unique flavors like coconut ice cream with gummy bears, M&M’s, rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream on top. Biology teacher Michael Keenan is also on the more adventurous side when it comes to flavors. Mr. Keenan likes pineapple ice cream with hot fudge and nuts on top. Junior Ben Vahey is on the safer side of flavors and inhales vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. Flavors are expanding and so are the parlors where you can get this delicious icy treat.

Places where you can get ice cream are common, but there are two that stand out for students and teachers, Carvel and Gannons. Most of the freshman class said that Carvel is on top. Freshman Katie Tzvanis claims that Carvel “has the best sprinkles.” Even though Carvel is just down the street, students and teachers go out of their way to get ice cream from Gannons. Mrs. Palladino says that Gannons is the better place to go because it has very “yummy” flavors.

Regardless of the temperature, the JD community always finds time to indulge a frozen treat once in a while. Although quite similar, frozen yogurt and ice cream attract different customers and for different reasons. Frozen yogurt might turn into a fad, but ice cream will always remain on top for J-D students.

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