J-D Concert-goers Jam Out at the Amphitheater This Summer

Francesca Chirco


Over the summer, thousands of Syracuse locals, including many students and staff from Jamesville-DeWitt High School, enjoyed music ranging from Zac Brown Band to Weezer at the St. Joseph’s Amphitheater.

Many saw this as an opportunity to spend time with friends and enjoy their favorite performers at a venue close to home. “I like how I’m able to see my friends from my school and other schools because it’s at such a good location,” said sophomore Audrey Nordon. Others use it as a place to get away and relax for a few hours. “I like how you can be at the Amphitheater but feel like you’re outside of Syracuse,” said junior Riley LaTray.

For many, the Amphitheatre is a prime spot because of the added benefits the location provides. “I think one of the best parts of the venue is the sunset,” said English teacher Terri Eaton. Others say it is the food, which ranges from Dinosaur Barbeque to wood grilled pizza.  “I really like the food even though it is not inexpensive,” said LaTray.

Social studies teacher Megan McGee is a frequent attendee of concerts. She has attended a total of six concerts at the Amphitheater this summer.  She ranks Zac Brown Band as her favorite concert because she had great seats close to the stage, which allowed her to enjoy the concert. With a wide-range of experience from attending numerous concerts, Ms. McGee enjoys the “outdoor live music” that the Amphitheater provides.


Both biology teacher Nancy Raicht and math and computer science teacher Jay Lang attended the Weezer concert. Both commented that the best part of the concert was when Weezer sang “Take On Me” while in a boat on the stage. For junior Gabby Modesti, Dave Matthews Band was a favorite. She even got the chance to go backstage to meet the lead singer. “He was really down to earth and friendly. It was really cool to meet him,” said Modesti.    

Local concertgoers will look forward to next year’s season which will provide more opportunity to enjoy outdoor music practically in their backyards.