The New Face of Procrastination

By Liv Byrnes and Emma Carr

Staff Writers


New to Netflix? Be careful because it takes over your life. Many students at Jamesville - DeWitt High School are warning people to stay away from the popular website, which has turned into an app that can be used anywhere on any smartphone, television, or laptop.

Some J-DHS students’ attachment to Netflix is extreme; freshman Emily Pomeroy watches it two hours every day and has even watched it on family vacations. “It’s great, (because) every show that you need is on there,” says Pomeroy. “It has all the movies in one place,” says senior Kyle Rumble, who watched Netflix every day over Christmas break. Sophomore Emily Firman would watch three hours or more every day over break. “I watch an hour of Netflix every night before I go to bed,” said sophomore Lucas Rowe. “I watch it five hours a day, I’m definitely addicted” said freshman Maddy Periera.

J-DHS students all agree that Netflix is better than regular TV because there are no commercials. “Watching your favorite TV shows with no commercials is the best part,” says freshman Lizzie Redmore. “I can watch the shows I want, it’s wonderful” said Cieplicki. “Some shows on Netflix aren’t available on TV,” said freshman Ryan Archer. Students also think that it’s more convenient with all the episodes at their fingertips.

The students were drawn in to Netflix by many captivating shows that keep them watching for hours. Common programs include hit dramas and suspenseful movies. “Gossip Girl,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “The Carrie Diaries,” and “Pretty Little Liars” are frequently watched on Netflix. “I watched a season of ‘Glee’ over break and episodes of ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’” says Firman.

Teenage boys prefer more suspenseful and action-filled shows like “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad.” “I watch a variety of shows including ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead,’” says sophomore Connor Evans. Senior Nick Almanzi watches "Dexter" on Netflix when he gets the spare time; “Dexter is so addicting at this point.” “I prefered watching TV shows over movies. I get to have something to watch all the time without having to search it up,” says freshman Alex Epifani. Junior Julian David-Douri enjoys watching history documentaries on Netflix along with his favorite shows. "This winter I have been watching Civil War documentaries such as 'Hatfields-Mccoy,'" he said.

J-DHS students use anything they can get their hands on to watch their favorite shows on Netflix. Netflix is not only an app, but can also be connected to TVs. Firman said she watches it mostly on her TV, but occasionally her iPad. Junior Amber Hyatt says she watches Netflix on her Apple TV. Junior Brian Cieplicki says that he watches it on his PS3 and Epifani watches it on her xbox.

Watch out for the Netflix bug because it has caused an addiction throughout the J-DHS halls.