Trick or Treat

By Jamie Boeheim and Mary Austin

Staff Writers

Illustration by Carlie Evans

Illustration by Carlie Evans

Oct. 31 used to be the holiday that celebrates the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. However, Halloween has become less about that meaning and more about the costumes and candy. The most common Halloween tradition is to go door-to-door and trick-or-treat with friends or family. Costumes can vary from princesses to goblins to animals to superheroes to policemen.

The big controversy of Halloween is, should there be a maximum age for trick-or-treating? “There’s not a certain age but if a 40 year-old came up to your door asking for candy, that would be creepy,” said sophomore Alex Catanzarite. However, ”when you get to a certain age you should be handing out candy because it’s more fun for the kids,” said sophomore Sadye Bobbette.

Junior Melissa Murphy isn’t planning on going trick-or-treating this year because it is designed for younger children and she said it’s “less creepy for younger kids to show up with their parents instead of an 18 year old ringing your doorbell asking for candy.” Freshman Sydney Baum agreed with Murphy; “when you’re old enough to walk alone, you should not be trick-or-treating.” Senior Alyssa Robens adds that she doesn’t like trick or treating because the weather is usually “cold and rainy.” Robens also said 10th grade is a good year to stop trick-or-treating, along with Bobbette who said 16 years old.

Despite being in their mid-teens, Bobbette and Catanzarite looked forward to going out with friends on Halloween this year. The event that Catanzarite is looked forward to the most was dressing up, getting candy, and watching the halloween episode of Charlie Brown.

People agree and disagree on the conflict of whether or not there should be a specific age when you should stop trick-or-treating. Some people believe a certain level of maturity should either signal you to trick-or-treat, or to stay at home and hand out candy. However, Bobbette and senior, Sean Mulvihill both agree that as long as you are having fun it, “doesn’t matter what your age is.”