Winter Fashion Trends

By Karola Casteneda

Staff Writer


As winter approaches, Jamesville-DeWitt High School freshman Bess Murad brings out her pink sweaters, leggings and her combat boots. As soon as it starts to snow, her only thoughts are to “stay fluffy.”

“Winter is a beautiful season,” says junior Isiah Williams. He rolls out of bed and puts on his winter hat, North Face, scarves and socks. Sophomore Marissa Placito starts taking out her leggings and sweaters the last week of October because “the colder the weather, the warmer I dress.” Her favorite winter store is American Eagle. Junior Aaron Montoute wears his Columbia and North Face in the winter but all he cares about is “staying warm and being lazy.” He goes to Finish Line and Macy’s to buy his winter items because “it”s cold out, bro.”

However, some people are not in favor of winter. Senior Zachary Hatem and junior Micah Lee do not like the extra clothing items they have to wear. In the summer Hatem and Lee wear more shorts and sweatshirts. But in the winter they have to wear jackets and hoodies. “I don’t believe in wearing a lot of clothing items, so I tend to wear a light jacket through the winter,” says Lee. Senior Tom Canfield agrees with Lee: his clothing style does not differ with different seasons. “I don’t like to change my style, but my mom buys me winter clothes at Marshall’s so I don’t freeze,” says Canfield. Hatem argues that in some hallways he needs to wear a jacket while in others he does not, “ the blue hall is a lot warmer than the red hall,” says Hatem.

Junior Shakir Henry and sophomore Jordan VanStry bring out their Timberlands and sweats for the winter. “The only thing that gets me through the winter is staying fresh and warm,” says Henry. Henry buys his clothing at Macy’s, while Vanstry shops at Hollister. Vanstry’s style varies because he wears tank tops and shorts in the summer and in the winter he sports long-sleeve shirts, pants and on occasion sweats. Science teacher Mike Keefe wears vests and heavier clothing in the winter in order to stay warm. English teacher Joe Goldberg only wears long-sleeve shirts with ties in the winter, differing from his summer style where his tie-less and in short sleeve shirts. Since his room is not above or near the boiler room, it is a lot cooler than others. He noticed that a lot of students don’t change their clothing styles throughout the winter; “some boys wear shorts all year and some girls wear dresses and skirts.”