Cappelletti Captures the Univers-ity

Terrence Echols & Ryan Collins

Staff writers

Kyle Cappelletti Picture

    Jamesville-DeWitt High School  sophomore Kyle Cappelletti is known for his “staggering good looks and breathtaking personality” said seniors Ben Whipper and Paddy Hagan. However, many may not know that Cappelletti also has a talent for photography, which has landed him into the University Language College Scholarship contest.

The University Language Services company, which helps students through the college admission process, offers a competition that could give high school students the chance to win a $500 scholarship by submitting a picture and a 150-200 word description telling why a particular part of campus interests them.

On a recent visit to J-DHS alumnus Maki Mandelis at the Universtiy of Albany, Cappelletti said he noticed the beauty of a nearby fountain and decided to take a picture. He used the picture to enter to the University Language Services’ contest and added the explaination of how he could see himself attending the University of Albany. Cappelleti has advanced to the final round of the contest where a judge will decide who will win the $500 scholarship out of three canidates. The other two will each recieve a $100 scholarship.

Students and faculty members of J-DHS have shown support and have been critical to Cappelletti reaching the final round. Led by Cappelletti’s guidance counselor Diane Ennis, who received an email from Cappelletti’s mother, students and teachers logged on to vote for Cappelletti’s photo. Senior Sam Griffiths and junior Jan Ramirez both voted for Kyle. “I thought it was a high quality picture and I think it deserves $500. I believe Kyle has a future in photography.” said Griffiths “I think it’s really cool, I wish him the best of luck and I hope he represents JD well,” said senior Maria Bussone. Sophomores Julia Cavanaugh and Matt Cappeletti voted for Cappelletti and are very proud of their cousin. “His picture was so good, it made my heart melt” said Matt Cappelletti. “I saw the picture and it’s a great picture,” said physical education teacher Jeff Ike. Coach Ike believes this is an attribute that many J-D kids have: being passionate about their intrests and having skills in athletics, the arts and academics.

The winner will be announced on the website on Friday, November 21.  Check out Cappelletti’s description of his photo at the University Language website as well as the other contestants at

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