The Real Ike is Back!

By Erica Noble and Morgan Berube

Staff Writers

Twenty-five out of 40 Jamesville-DeWitt High School students think that Physical Education teacher Jeff Ike looks much better with long hair. When Coach Ike cut his hair three weeks ago, many students were disheartened by his choice. Others think that his recent baldness fits him much better then the wild mane he had previously.

“When he grew his hair out long and didn’t cut it we were all surprised,” says junior Griffin Netti. After growing out his hair for about a year, Coach Ike finally decided to cut it. “I couldn’t do the long hair anymore,” he says. Some students like his decision, and think he looks better with no hair. “It looks better now then it did before. He looks way younger with no hair,” says freshman Brooke Meltzer. “I absolutely like it better short. I just look better with short hair,” Coach Ike says. Senior Molly Kantrowitz says that when she was a freshman his hair was short, so seeing it long was really weird, and she’s glad he’s back to normal.

Some other students mourn the loss of such a great head of hair. “I like him with longer hair better. I think he should get a wig,” says freshman Zion Alex. “He looks better with long hair,” sophomore Zoe Pipines says because “there’s nothing there anymore. There’s nothing to see.” J-D () Will Hartley agrees, saying, “he may be the sexiest man on campus. Him and his hair are a package deal.”

Many students have unique wishes about what he should do with his hair next. Dyed pink, mohawk, reverse mohawk, spikes, and even a suggestion of a Justin Bieber haircut are among the options favored by J-DHS students. Coach Ike says that he has no current plans for his hair, and wants to just keep it short for now.