Senior Goodbyes 2015

From: Ms. Oppedisano and Ms. Crawford

To: Amanda Mikesell, Tal Frieden, Hunter Siegel-Cook, Kayleigh Hamernik, Abbie Guisbond, Sammi Guisbond, Shannon Theobold, Gabby Simiele and Jake Saletsky

Model UN Seniors, I was gonna tell you how much you will be missed but IRAN out of words! Congratulations to an incredible group of MUN members - You will be missed - Go into this big world and do big things! 


From: Mrs. Young

To: Amber Hyatt

I wish you all the best, and I can't wait to hear where life takes you!  You will be missed!


From: Mrs. Young

To: Tajanay Tearney

Continue to shine brightly!  Good luck on you new journey ahead! You will be missed!


From: Mrs. Young

To: Austin Bacola-

Congratulations!  Now you get to chase your dreams! You will be missed!


From: Ms. Scott

To: Brenda Castro

 Best Wishes for your future Brenda!  I am so happy to have shared part of this senior year as one of your teachers.  Remember that your strong will and determination will put you ahead of the game when you face difficult challenges.  Keep smiling and hold that head high in the big world!  


From: Ms. Scott

To: Arpit Patel

Class would not be the same without your charm and whit Arpit.  You definitely know how to put a positive spin and laughter in every day.  I can't wait to hear about your future employment with Microsoft. Just be sure to treat yourself to that nice Beemer! 


From: Ms. Scott

To: Armen Galstyan

If there was ever a more mysterious student Armen, I have yet to meet them.  You certainly found an interesting way to keep me on my toes in class.  Whether you sat quiet in deep thought or roamed the class with your practical jokes, it was always enjoyable to have you add character to our class.  Best Wishes for your future and remember: Don't spend too many all nighters with the games unless you are the one designing the software!  Love, Ms. Scott


From: Mr. DeChick

To: Kayleigh Hamernik and Molly Kantrowitz

Once in a strawberry moon (and it doesn’t happen every year), a few students come along who just have “it” and get “it” – that nebulous, indefinable “it.” Thanks for sharing it, and for allowing me to teach you, as well as to learn from you. You’re also the only two seniors who bothered with a handwritten note to thank me for kindnesses. Thanks, in return, for not trafficking in the Culture of Entitlement. Never lose your sense of humor and your unique voices. And best of everything, always!


From: Mr. DeChick

To: Ben Vahey

You gave everything you had, and you gave it loudly – and with almost as much enthusiasm as I did. Thanks for being my No. 1 “J-D In the News”-hound. Good luck!



From: Mr. DeChick

To: Jessica Rieger, Emily O’Connor and Emily Hildreth

Everything I heard about you for 3 ½ years was true: intellectually serious and curious, class acts, and uncommonly kind. Thanks for raising the bar in my classroom and for your peers in every nook and cranny of J-DHS. Just so you know, “senioritis” is spelled S-E-N-I-O-R-I-T-I-S. Cliché or not, it was a pleasure to have you in class. Best of luck in all that you choose to tackle!


From: Mrs. Bailey

To: The G21 Seniors

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr. Seuss


To: Ben Vahey
From: Mrs. Bolsei

Wishing you the best in what lies ahead.  I am sure your sunny disposition and talent for detail will continue to serve you well.  We have enjoyed your visits. Don't forget check back in once in awhile!


From: Ben Vahey

To: Mr. Keefe

It has been wonderful knowing you. From having you for Earth Science and Chemistry, to always seeing you in the hallways. You are a wonderful person to everybody and you're are a gem to the school. You will be missed by me for sure, and I'm sure other students in my grade. Thank You for what you have done for me.


From: Molly Kantrowitz and Kayleigh Hamernik
To: Mr. Adler
You're an amazing teacher. Thanks for all the laughs this year we'll miss you so much!


Aux élèves de français à la Terminale

De: Madame Amankwah

Je vous souhaite tout le succès possible. J'ai beaucoup aimé être votre professeur de français. Vous me manquerez. Vous êtes toujours bienvenus de me rendre visite quand vous retournez chez vous. Que Dieu vous bénisse. Au revoir!

From: Ben Vahey

To:Mr. Gasparini and Mrs. Wheeler

Thank you so much for having me as the Friday Morning announcer at J-DHS. I will miss it so much and it was an honor and privilege each day. Thanks so much for having me. I will miss you. 


From:Ben Vahey

To: Mrs. Breck

I will miss seeing you every day at Lunch. We had a great four years chatting with each other. I will miss you. 


From: Ben Vahey

To: Mr. Kalfass

Thank you Mr. Kalfass for all you have done for me. Getting me to pass my regents exams, helping me with my Homework and, always letting me come into your room. You are a great resource teacher and I will miss the Fantasy Football, SuperBowl, NCAA, and NHL Bracket Contests we did too. I will miss you. 


From: Ben Vahey

To: Mr. Goodson and Mrs. Bolsei

Thanks for having me come in and see you in the Athletic Office. It was very nice to pop in and see you every once in a while and keep you up to date on what was going on. Thank You for having me. I will miss you. 


From: Ben Vahey

To: Swimming Coach Bob Bewley

Bob, Thanks so much for having me on your team for four years straight, and swimming my last year as captain. We accomplished a ton and the team will be so different next year without me. Thanks for all you’ve done for me Bob and I will miss you so much next year. Thank You again

From: Cortney Vaughan

To: Mrs. Techman

Thank you so much for all of the time, hard work, and effort you put into teaching us. I will miss you so much next year!


From: Cortney Vaughan

To: Madame Amankwah

Merci pour toutes les choses que vous avez fait pour nous. Vous etes le prof le plus devoue. Vous me man querez beaucoup.



From: Ms. Romeiser, Ms. Oppedisano, and Ms. Panek

To: JED Talkers & Co. - Josh Gutmaker, Amanda Mikesell, Emily O'Connor, AJ Suslovic, Kayleigh Hamernik, Julian David-Drori, Cortney Vaughan, Elizabeth DiGennaro, Rachel Fairbanks, Cheyenne Danforth, Tal Frieden, Sammy Jaffe, Macie Whitbeck (I hope I got all of the seniors from the past two years!)

You all have been a part of something new and special in the first two years of JED Talks. Thank you for your tremendous efforts to share your ideas and to do so with enthusiasm and sincerity. You will be missed here at JDHS, but you've left behind the start of an excellent tradition! Best wishes to all of you!


From: Ms. Romeiser

To: NHS Officers - Sarah Marron, Brian Cieplicki, Emily Hildreth, Shannon Theobald

Thank you for your efforts this year as NHS officers. It was nice having such a great homeroom every day. Best wishes for continued success!


From: Mrs Patton

To: The "Lunch Crew"

To some of "my" first kids at JD - thank you for making that first year at the middle school so special.  You will all do amazing things in the future.  I will miss you all!  Oh, and order a pizza, it makes a great lunch!  


From: Mrs. Techman

To: Abby Shaw, Nick Koulouris, Cheyenne Danforth

You represent the very best of why we teach.  Your work ethic, positive attitude and determination to succeed will carry you far. I will miss you all and wish you every happiness in life. Keep me posted!


From: Mrs. Techman

To: Cortney Vaughan, Sarah Marron, Elise Catania, Jess Rieger

I could not have asked for more from you and I am so proud of all you have accomplished. I know there are great things in store for all of you....


To:  All the Seniors

From:  Mrs. Barker

Good Luck on your new adventures!!  I will miss you all.


From:     Ms. Romeiser

To:        Senior Sports Literature Students and Athletes - 1st and 2nd Semester Classes

Thank you to all of you who put forth a tremendous effort to be present and engaged in the Sports Literature classes throughout both semesters. To those of you talented and fortunate enough to be playing at the next level, congratulations! You know you are in the small percentage of student-athletes who get this opportunity, so continue to work hard in the classroom and on the playing fields. I'll be watching from afar and rooting for your success!