Ms. Glauber says Goodbye to J-D

By Emma Huckins and Anyi Liebler-Bendix

Staff Writers

Since 1972, history teacher Marion Glauber has been an influential character in the Jamesville-DeWitt community. Her presence has left a memorable mark on both her colleagues and students. “She’s very intelligent and cultured,” said Brenda Neuss, the J-DHS musical producer and a good friend of Ms. Glauber; “she looks at students as people and deals with them that way. I respect her for that.”

After 29 successful years of teaching at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, Glauber has made the decision to retire. “It’s time,” Mrs. Glauber said wistfully. “I still love what I’m doing, I still love class, but I find it harder to spend the time I need to spend outside of class to do the job well.”

Mrs. Glauber explains that although the student body and courses are more diverse and teaching styles have changed, she does not believe that J-DHS is that different today from when she first began teaching. “A lot has stayed the same, so it doesn’t feel foreign or alien,” she said. Mrs. Glauber believes that courses continue to ultimately come down to the teacher and the way the lesson is taught.

Her position as a social studies teacher and head of the social studies department has created a role model for other teachers. Her leadership skills and reliability will be greatly missed by many of her friends and colleagues. “I will miss her dedication, not only to her students, but also to our department. She has been an excellent department chair, friend, leader, and confidant,” said social studies teacher Jamie Crawford.

Principal Paul Gasparini agrees, saying that after 14 years working with Mrs. Glauber, her presence in J-DHS and the J-D community as a whole will be dearly missed. “She is the moral authority of the school, in all of the positive ways that that can be construed,” said Mr. Gasparini. To Mr. Gasparini, Mrs. Glauber is an upbeat personality who is always willing to help and give advice. “Her perspective is second to none,” he added.

Out of all the classes Mrs. Glauber has taught at J-DHS, Global History 10 and AP U.S. History have been her favorites. She likes that the time frames of the history studied are shorter, and although there’s more content, the topics are all connected together.

The students who were in Mrs. Glauber’s classes recognized and appreciated the passion she had for her work. “She’s always really nice and funny and it’s fun to come to her class because she makes it really fun,” said sophomore Kate Salvo. Sophomore Giovanni Antonucci agrees with Salvo, adding, “she likes to tell stories which makes it really easy to understand the curriculum.”

But the lessons taught inside Mrs. Glauber’s classroom go beyond history. Junior Alex Tso said that Mrs. Glauber really “showed him the ropes” and junior Reed Jaworski said that she always prepared the students for tests and life in general.  

Outside of the classroom, students will miss seeing Mrs. Glauber’s smiling face around the building. “She’s always smiling, she’s always happy and I always talk to her when I see her in the hall,” said junior Jimmy Boeheim. Tso and Jaworski agree with Boeheim about Mrs. Glauber’s joyful presence in the school. “She always seemed like she was the happiest teacher. Whenever you saw her she would always smile and talk to you,” added Jaworski.

Mrs. Glauber showed that she shares many of the students feelings when she expressed that she will miss the people in the JD community more than anything else. “I will miss knowing teenagers,” said Mrs. Glauber, tearing up. Students go through high school quickly, but “I will have colleagues here for a long time,” said, Mrs. Glauber. She also plans to continue coming to school events such as concerts. “I think I will always feel connected,” Mrs. Glauber concludes.

She may be leaving behind many people who appreciate her at J-DHS, but Ms. Glauber has some exciting plans to look forward to after retirement, like spending more time with her family. Mrs. Glauber has four children who are now adults and two grandchildren, and she is looking forward to seeing them more often. She is traveling to Italy in September with her husband, and intends on traveling much more in the future.

Looking back at her teaching career, one of the highlights is that Mrs. Glauber had the pleasure of teaching all four of her children. “To have my child and their friends in a class and listen to them engage in academic work was a real pleasure,” said Mrs. Glauber. Mrs. Glauber has always cared deeply about her students, and as a teacher, she learned a lot from them. “The students are a constant reminder of how complex peoples lives are,” she said, “ but also how much joy people can find in life inspite of difficulties or those complexities.”

Mrs. Glauber believes that the most wonderful part about teaching at J-DHS is that there is so much laughter throughout the school, and it just makes it a great place to come to work. “Her whole persona is just fantastic,” social studies teacher Tom Bennett said about his colleague. “She’s the total package.”