Halloween Creeps Up on J-D

Nick Mannion and Steven Baker

Staff Writers

    As the leaves change colors and fall emerges there’s one holiday most students look forward to. On October 31 students from Jamesville-DeWitt High School will be putting on costumes and collecting candy to celebrate Halloween. “I love Halloween, it’s so fun to dress up and collect candy,” said junior Kelsey Braun.      


    Many students will be dressing up for Halloween this year. “I love to dress up,” said sophomore Nolan Giblin, who will be going as Damian Lillard, a NBA basketball player. Along with Giblin, freshman Luke Hobika is excited to dress up and go trick-or-treating, “I love to dress up and scare people on Halloween,” said Hobika, who is going as a clown. One popular costume choice among students this year is Harambe the gorilla, “I can’t wait to wear my gorilla suit on Halloween,” said freshman Kaleel Boykins. Sophomore Ana Dieroff  is also looking forward to dressing up as Harambe.


As students mature, many choose not to go trick-or-treating, like sophomore Jackson Brang. “Halloween really isn’t that big of a deal to me, I would rather stay home and give out candy than go out,” said Brang. Brang doesn’t stand alone, freshman Kelli Wright also said that she doesn’t enjoy trick-or-treating; “it really doesn’t amuse me as much as it use to.” There are still plenty of people going out for Halloween, however, like sophomore Nick Mandelis who still goes trick or treating  because he enjoy doing it with his friends.    


Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which isn’t something many students at J-D are happy about. Sophomore Pat Murad thinks that it is “ridiculous” because he now has “to do homework over a holiday.” Murad is not the only one upset by the date of Halloween. “That’s really unfair that we have school the next day,” said junior Carlena Torrens. Other students, like freshman Ronald Thomas, aren’t going to let this ruin their Halloween. “Halloween is meant to be fun, and it being on a school night isn’t going to effect that,” said Thomas. The last time that Halloween fell on a Monday was in 2005.


As seniors approach their final Halloween at J-DHS they celebrate with the school’s annual Halloween parade. Many seniors are excited to be a part of the Halloween parade. “It’s really cool to finally be apart of the tradition,” said senior Jake Harron, who will be dressing up as a baby for the parade. “It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said senior Emily Pomeroy. Senior Mike Crosset says he can’t wait for the Halloween parade.

“Overall, this is going to be one heck of a Halloween,” said junior Parker Wing.