Snow Day in November?

Jenna Vespi and Mia Potamianos

Editors of Promotion

On Sunday, Nov. 20, Central New York got hit with its first lake effect snowstorm of the season.  Monday Nov. 21, three days before Thanksgiving, was marked as the second snowiest November day Syracuse has ever seen, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center. Over a foot of snow fell in Syracuse, leaving residents snowed in and schools closed. The Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District, along with many others in the area, had their first emergency closings of the 2016-2017 school year, which was much earlier than previous years. With only two emergency closing days accounted for in the district calendar, many are concerned with how the rest of the winter season could play out.

Each year the district plans for a certain number of emergency closings. If there are no emergency closings, the unused days are added to memorial day vacation. As of now, with one emergency closing used, Memorial Day weekend with take place from Friday, May 26 to Monday, May 29. If the district were to have one more emergency closing, Memorial Day weekend would extend from Saturday, May 27 to Mondaym, May 29. In the case of a third emergency closing, or more, the district will look into ways to create another school day. One option is that Staff Development Days are turned into school days. Principal of J-DHS, Paul Gasparini said, “there are a lot of different ways that (J-DCSD Superintendent) Dr. Alice Kendrick can be creative with that.”

Superintendent Dr. Kendrick is known to be “very frugal” with snow days, and many students tease her for that, said Mr. Gasparini. “Honestly, I really do agree with that policy. The fact that we had to burn a snow day so early really puts you in a box.” Mr Gasparini hopes that we won’t have to use another emergency closing so that we don't lose any vacation days. Mr. Gaspaini jokes, “I don't like snow, the older I get the more I just want to move to Florida.”