Mrs. Bolsei's Retirement

by AJ Ortega and Tim Skeval

    As Jamesville-DeWitt High School students begin to count down to the last day of the 2015-2016 school year, Athletic Office Secretary Katie Bolsei is counting down to her last day of work at J-DHS. “I have made a lot of great and very helpful friends during my time at J-D (that) I will cherish forever,” said Mrs. Bolsei, who will officially retire on July 1.

    Mrs. Bolsei has been a part of the J-DHS family as the Athletic Office Secretary for 20 years. “I love my job and everything I do,” said Mrs. Bolsei. As the Athletic Office Secretary, she does everything from schedule buses for athletic teams for away games to checking the credentials of the umpires and referees for games and everything in between.

She also handles the schedules and deals with the countless changes those schedules go through during the season. “She is a part of everything that involves J-DHS athletics,” said Athletic Director John Goodson; “I don’t know what I would do without her.” Mrs. Bolsei has worked alongside and become best of friends with Mr. Goodson over the past five years.

For her college educations she attended both Alfred State University and SUNY Cortland where she majored in Health Education. This has helped greatly in Mrs. Boslei's contribution toward the success of J-DHS and their athletics in many ways. “She is awesome,” said Principal Paul Gasparini who has known Mrs. Bolsei for 15 years. He says she is “passionate about the J-D community and her job,” and the he will “miss her a great deal.” Mr. Gasparini joins countless others who will also miss Mrs. Bolsei moving forward.

Mrs. Bolsie said that there are two people she’ll miss most. “I’m going to really miss Mr. Tuck and Ms. Nies because of how much they’ve helped me throughout my time here.” School Monitor James Tuck and Computer T.A. Hayley Nies have worked with Mrs. Bolsei both in the school and, since they are also both athletic coaches, in the athletic arena. Mr. Tuck said that he’ll miss her nice and energetic attitude the most. Ms. Nies agreed with Mr. Tuck, also saying that she’ll “miss her smiling face.”

Mrs. Bolsei has been considering retirement for a couple years now but she has finally decided that this year will be her last year. She made her decision to retire because she wanted to focus on her personal life and spend time with family. “When the year ends I’m probably going to travel to many places, including Colorado,” which is where her daughter lives. Mrs. Bolsie said that traveling is one of her favorite things to do.

Although she is going to miss J-DHS dearly, Mrs. Bolsei is ready to move forward with her life and focus on things other than J-DHS Athletic Office and J-DHS athletics as a whole.