The Final Push Towards The Lombardi Trophy

Tim Skeval and AJ Ortega

Staff Writer and Assistant Editor of Production

With the regular season coming to a close, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students and staff now look to the NFL Playoffs. The New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons all have a first round bye last weekend. The first round bye is awarded to the best two teams from each conference (AFC and NFC).

The first game was on Jan. 7 between the fifth seed Oakland Raiders and the fourth seed Houston Texans in Houston, Texas. Sports Literature teacher Ms. Romeiser predicted that Oakland would blow out Houston becuase they had a weak defense but the Texans ended up defeating the Raiders 27-14. The Raiders had third string rookie quarterback Connor Cook start after star quarterback Derek Carr was sidelined after breaking his fibula during a game Week 16 against the Indianapolis Colts. Second string Matt Mcgloin went out in Week 17 against the Denver Broncos with a left shoulder injury. The Texans will face the Patriots on Jan. 14 at 8:15 p.m. in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Also on Jan. 7. the sixth seed Detroit Lions took on the third seed Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Science teacher Eugene Sul thought the Seahawks would defeat the Lions although he predict the winner correctly, it wasn’t the closest of games as the Seahawks embarrased the Lions 26-6. The Seahawks will face the Atlanta Falcons on Jan. 14 at 4:35 p.m. in Atlanta. The Lions now have an NFL record of nine straight postseason losses. Their last playoff victory was Jan. 5, 1992 against the Dallas Cowboys.

On Sunday, Jan. 8, the sixth seed Miami Dolphins faced off against the third seed Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Dolphins previously defeated the Steelers 30-15 in week 6. Despite this, the Steelers defeated the Dolphins 30-12, while star Steelers receiver Antonio Brown had a big day, with 119 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter, the most receiving yards in a first quarter of a playoff game since Gene Washington had 120 yards in 1969. Sophomore Zach Goodson, a Green Bay Packers fan, predicted the Steelers would “demolish” the Dolphins and this turned out to be true. “I think the Steelers playing at their best are a Super Bowl winning caliber team,” said sophomore Adam Honis.

The final first round game was at 4:40 p.m. between Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants in Green Bay. Sophomore Tarky Lombardi says the Giants will give the Packers “the work.” Junior Mingus Betsy disagreed with Lombardi and said the Packers would move on before getting eliminated by the Cowboys in the second round. The final outcome of the game was in the Packers favor, 38-13. Star Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was criticized for many dropped passes in the game. Many people relate the problems to the pre-game trip the Giants receivers took to Miami. Another issue was the game day temperature of 10 degrees.  

J-DHS students made predictions on the second round match-ups. “The Patriots are going to blowout the Texans by at least 20,” said sophomore Andie Ellis who predicted the score to be 35 to 14. On Jan. 15 the Steelers will face off with the Chiefs at 1:05 p.m. in a game that will be a “close one,” accourding to freshman Luca Iacampo. That afternoon the Packers will square off with the Cowboys at 4:40 p.m. The all time series between these teams is tied at 17 wins a piece but that tie will have to be broken.  Many people including sophomore Amandeep Kaar thinks that the Dallas Cowboys will move on to the conference championship.

Although anything can happen, people have started to become confident with their Super Bowl predictions this year. “The Patriots will beat the Cowboys in Super Bowl LI (51), 34-21,” said senior Luca Bebla Ms. Romeiser and Mr. Sul also believe the Patriots will take home the title. Ellis believes that it will be a rematch of Super Bowl 49, with the Seahawks taking on the Patriots, but with the Seahawks winning the rematch. Junior Anastasia Myers believes it will be Steelers against the Cowboys in the Super Bowl with the Cowboys taking the title 22-16. Predictions are predictions, but who will come out on top?