J-D English Teacher Recognized

Tyra Carter

Staff Writer

English, Drama,and Reading Films teacher Joseph Goldberg has been named Kappa Delta Pi Teacher Of Honor by the International Honor Society in Education. The Teacher of Honor award was established in 2008 and is only given to a very select group of educators. It can be awarded to educators in any field, but they must have a certain amount of experience.To qualify, the recipient must have completed a number of tasks, such as an online program, attending a conference and submitting a portfolio.

The Kappa Delta Pi Teacher of Honor award recognizes an educator's commitment to integrity and high standards in the classroom. Goldberg received a one-year membership, a framed certificate, recognition and more. In 2013, Goldberg was also awarded with the National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards.

“I think any experience in life that extends your learning is inherently worthwhile regardless of whether it is recognized, and that drives me to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible.” says Joseph Goldberg.

Goldberg has been teaching at Jamesville-Dewitt High School for nearly 12 years, where he has taught English, Mythology, Academic Intervention Services, Drama, and Reading Films. Junior Rachel Setek had Goldberg as her English teacher her sophomore year. “I personally loved his class, he’s good at getting you to participate and I learned a lot,” says Setek.

Senior Gerry Wason agrees. Wason had Goldberg as her Drama teacher and admires his work, “During the drama show I felt he was very understanding,” says Wason. “ I feel he works really hard and deserves it.” she adds.

Principal Paul Gasparini is also pleased for Goldberg, stating, “He has worked hard and he is very deserving for the award.” says Gasparini. “He’s creative and really wants his students to have a positive experience.”