Senior College Decisions Are In The Books

After 13 years of elementary and high school, most students are ready to leave and go their separate ways to the college of their dreams. Jamesville DeWitt High School students will step out of the school one last time, fully prepared for their next chapter.


Throughout their years here at J-DHS, students prepare for their next four years which Guidance Counselor, Amy LeStrange, believes increase a “student’s personal growth” and help them “develop independence.”

J-DHS students sometimes pick the same paths and end up at the same school. This year’s graduating class includes 20 seniors that will go to SUNY Binghamton. Among the many are Simeon Videmon and Kyrin Pollock. Videmon chose SUNY Binghamton based on it’s appealing price and, like Pollock, is interested in their strong engineering program. Videmon is excited to leave high school and live on his own and is ready for the new experiences that Binghampton offers.

Senior Maggie Austin has often been in the spotlight by being a huge part in J-DHS’s school musicals. She has chosen to continue her musical career by attending SUNY Fredonia. Austin was accepted into Fredonia’s musical program and is excited about the things she will be able to learn in the future but will miss the music department at J-DHS. Senior Tessa Yu will also miss the music department here at J-DHS but Yu plans on attending Cornell to study in animal science, not music. Yu will be joining her older brother at Cornell because of it’s proximity to home and great academic opportunities.

Seniors Wryann Ross and Chase Hornstein will be attending Onondaga Community College. Ross will begin her college career at OCC and then transferring to SUNY Canton hoping to pursue a six-year physical therapist program. Ross and Hornstein agree that they will miss their friends, but Hornstein will especially miss English teacher Dianne Rushford and Physical Education teacher Emily Rowles.

Senior Erin Jorgensen is going to attend the University of Buffalo in the fall. She made this decision because she got a good scholarship, loves the campus, and got into the honors college. She is very excited and ready to graduate, but will miss her friends and Math teacher Susan Techman’s class the most. Ryan Mulvihill will attend St. Bonaventure because of its “beautiful” campus. He will mostly miss the atmosphere of J-DHS and being surrounded by his friends on a day-to-day basis.

Senior Olivia Melton will leave New York for college, unlike most. Melton will attend Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass. For Melton, it was “financially a good option” and offers a lot of good courses that she is interested in.

The process for college searching begins the day a person catches an interest in something they’d like to spend the rest of their life doing. Whether it is a sport, music, club or an educational study, that main interest is usually the focal point of a student’s decision on where to go to college. Of course, the process is a long one, but in the end, the college the student decides to attend is something they are hopeful about.

Needless to say, the graduating J-DHS students are ready for college. No matter they end up, they will have Red Ram roots which give them all they need to be successful.