Halloween Plans 2013

By Carly Stone and Sabina Hodzic

Staff Writers

This year Halloween will fall on Thursday, Oct 31, which may complicate plans for some, but at Jamesville-DeWitt High School students plan to continue their traditions of watching movies, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating.

Past a certain age people start to question if they should trick-or-treat, since many think it is just for kids. According to sophomore Sophia Fayle, she is too old to go out and get candy. However, she is never too old to make pumpkin pie and watch Halloween movies.

Junior Josh Gutmaker disagrees with Fayle, saying he is not too old to trick-or-treat. Juniors Jake Parker and John Gitzen agree with Gutmaker. Parker and Gitzen said that they will possibly attend the Halloween Dance held by the Bust-A-Move club on Oct 25, as well as go trick-or-treating and hand out candy to kids. Freshman Jamie Rieger will continue her tradition of dressing up and trick-or-treating as a candy bar.

Fright Nights at the Fair, a local Halloween attraction, is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The attractions include five haunted houses and one hayride which are meant to scare customers.

Gutmaker does not plan to go to Fright Night but would like a job there. “I like scaring people. I like to make them feel inferior to me,” said Gutmaker. Fayle does not plan to attend either because it is not scary enough.However, junior Bella Hylen will not go because it is too scary for her. Freshman Aryana Nazem, like Hylen is too scared by the attractions to go.

Freshmen Alex Frank and Katie Tzivanis went to Fright Night on Oct 18 and had mixed feelings about their experience. They were unimpressed by the hayride, saying it was not scary at all. However, they were scared by the haunted houses. Among the five haunted houses, “Hostel” was the scariest, according to Frank. Sophomore Jackie Rutter, who went Oct 11, thought all six attractions, the five haunted houses and hayride, were really scary.

Original and scary Halloween movies are among favorites of the J-DHS students. The “Halloweentown” movie series, “Hocus Pocus”, and other Disney and ABC Family movies are frequently watched. Scary movies like “Jason”, and “Halloween” are “always scary no matter how many times you watch them” said Hylen.

“Carrie”, a new horror movie, was released Oct 18, and is based off the 1976 movie and novel by Stephen King. Junior Caroline Kopp said “it was really scary but it was really good.” Kopp would recommend to it many people. Junior Xander Ferlenda has not seen the movie but has heard from several people that it is really scary.

J-DHS students look forward to the holiday and are eager to celebrate it as always. Hylen hopes to celebrate in school and looks forward to the senior’s costumes. The annual senior dress up day will kick off the festivities for many. Although some may not celebrate the holiday, it is something everyone can look forward to.